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Our team is a leader in the application of innovative therapy in Croatia and the region. We treat our patients according to the most modern standards that go beyond the services and medicines available through the public health system. In addition to the above, through our contacts with the world's largest oncology clinics and experts, we also offer our patients the possibilityarrangements for treatment abroad (to Europe and the rest of the world) with proven effective methods, but for technical reasons we are unable to implement them in our Polyclinic. We also offer the possibility of treatment abroad to non-oncology patients. Our team carries out the entire procedure, and all you have to do is show up for an appointment at a selected clinic abroad!

Polyclinic Solmed, within which the team operates, is also a regional leader in implementationthe latest clinical trials (read more about what clinical trials are) in the field of oncology, but also for numerous other non-oncological diseases. It is important to emphasize that in developed countries clinical trials are one of the most important options offered to oncology patients with advanced disease. Currently active clinical trials in which it is possible to participate in our polyclinic, see atlink.

If you are interested or need more information about the possibilities of treatment abroad for your disease, or regarding inclusion in a clinical trial,contact us.

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