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We understand that there are patients who, for various reasons, are unable to physically come to a medical facility for an examination. Unfortunately, such patients are unjustifiably neglected, because there is no way to meet their health needs at home. This is precisely why we formed an expert medical team consisting of a specialist oncologist and a senior nurse with many years of experience in the treatment of oncology patients, who will come to your address if necessary. We also offer home care services to non-oncology patients.

We offer you:
- arrival of the team at your address in the shortest possible time
- detailed physical examination and analysis of medical documentation
- expert opinion on the possibilities of active treatment
- recommendations for nutrition and nutritional supplements
- recommendation and, if necessary, correction of symptomatic therapy
(pain therapy, nausea...)
- health care at home
- application of therapy at home (infusions, intravenous nutrition...)
- psychological support
- issuance of a recommendation for the necessary drugs, if necessary direct
home delivery of medicines
- arranging the necessary searches

- assessment and treatment of chronic and other wounds
- other services as agreed

To arrange for the team to arrive at your address,contact us.

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