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In addition to the inevitable worry and fear due to the diagnosis of a malignant disease, oncology patients and their families suffer additional stress due to physically demanding (and life-threatening) treatment, permanent impairment and damage to health, fatigue and pain that can remain even in cases when the disease is considered cured. . These factors contribute to the emotional and mental problems of oncology patients, and are further enhanced by the presence of additional stressors such as poor social support. Research shows that physical, psychological and social stressors intertwine and contribute to each other, and active work on the psychological aspect of malignant disease is extremely important.

In accordance with the above, the team offers you professional psychological help from oncologists and psychologists, as well as cooperation with associations of patients suffering from malignant diseases. An accredited psychologist works with patientsVanja Putarek. You can read some of her recommendations and advice on our websiteblog in the section "Psychological support". The goal of the therapy is relaxation, resolution of internal conflicts and a look at the disease from a different angle, all in the direction of a positive influence on the course of the disease. There is also the possibility of conducting a guided meditation.

To agree on the date and types of psychological intervention,contact us.

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