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Patients with any type of stoma (such as gastrostomy and colostomy) require specific care and education to make their daily life as easy as possible. Independence and desired quality of life is our common goal. Unfortunately, this specific form of access to oncology patients with a stoma is not widely available, which leads not only to a difficult life for patients with a stoma, but also often to unnecessary complications and inconvenience (leakage, skin damage...). Weight loss due to poor adaptation to life with a shortened digestive tract and a stoma is common. Numerous studies have confirmed that poor adaptation to life with a stoma can affect the entire course of oncological treatment. We wish you  help prevent these conditions and make your life with a stoma better and safer.

Our services:
- education of the person with a stoma, family and close people, active support of the stoma wearer throughout the necessary period of adaptation to life with a stoma
- preoperative counseling of patients who are proposed to create a stoma
- holistic advice and guidelines related to a quality and safe life with a stoma for feeding or for excreting stool or urine
- health care of a feeding stoma (gastrostomy, jejunostomy)
- prevention and health care for stoma complications (difficult placement, leakage, skin damage...)
- introduction to the support network and associations of people with stoma
- fistula treatment
- planning an individual diet plan

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