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Physical activity is an important part of taking care of one's own health, and cancer patients are no exception. From time to time, you can hear the thesis that oncology patients should "rest" and "lie down as much as possible", but the data show us exactly the opposite - moderate physical activity significantly contributes to raising the quality of life of oncology patients and has a positive effect on the outcome of treatment. It is important to consult a doctor and exercise under the supervision of a professional and educated person. It is for this reason that we recommend practicing yoga at our partner institutionMedical Yoga Center in Zagreb.

Mr. Dario Mišković, director of the Medical Yoga Center, explains what a yoga class looks like:

"Get to know our program a little more closely so that it might be easier for you to decide to come to the first class and try it. The main features of our program are the structure and individualization of the group lesson.

The class begins with an introductory relaxation, which is extremely important so that the day and everything it brought to yoga can be put away nicely and focus attention on yourself so that the effects of yoga are stronger and to give your head, psyche and nervous system a little rest from stress, worries and problems.

This is followed by an exercise designed so that in each class the leader shows the exercise as if everyone had come to yoga for the first time, with all the explanations of proper movement, breathing and notes. After that, he individualizes the exercise in such a way as to adapt it to each participant. A lighter variant if the initial one is too heavy or a heavier one if it is too light. With this, we get that all participants work exactly at the limit of possibility, where the possibility of injury is minimal, and benefits and progress are maximal!

After the exercise, we end the class with some breathing exercises and meditation so that we can learn to direct our focus and concentrate better, with beautiful and motivational thoughts so that they might hear something that will make our life and the lives of the people around us better.

Currently, we have 140 exercises with over 1000 modifications and variants over the course of a year. The leaders are all university-educated to provide this kind of activity (kinesiologists or physiotherapists of the Health Polytechnic) with a minimum of 4 trainings per year where we supplement, change and improve our program guided by the latest knowledge from the world of medicine and similar fields, and by the feelings and listening of the participants through the feedback of our leaders."

As part of the cooperation between our team and the Medical Yoga Center, our patients can become members and practice yoga under privileged us for more details!

Practising Yoga
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